Driveway-Crack Flowers: White Clover

clover closeup

White clover seeded itself into our driveway cracks, so I took photos yesterday, the better to learn it.

Each flower is flowers: a globe of up to 50 tiny flowers, each with “a small standard and two side petals that enclose the keel.” So says

Standard? Like the synonym for flag?  Continue reading “Driveway-Crack Flowers: White Clover”


Spring yard salad

eat the spring

Yard Salad. An incomplete list, and a couple years old, but I wanted to put it back out there. There are benefits to being lazy and cheap and not mowing too soon in the spring. Continue reading “Spring yard salad”

Bloodroots (are doin’ it for themselves)

anthers away

My Facebook feed is full of bloodroot right now. Sanguinaria canadensis. Bloodroot is the first big, splashy native ephemeral, and thus popular among macro-lensed flower nerds compelled to document signs of spring.
Ephemeral means it isn’t splashy for long, so I dashed to Warner Park Nature Center today to get my bloodroot fix. Continue reading “Bloodroots (are doin’ it for themselves)”

Passionvine Family Planning

Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora incarnata

I post pics of my volunteer Passionvine every year. (Passiflora incarnata.) I’ve talked about the extravagant exoticism of this native flower, the Christian symbolism devised by early missionaries, the fact that it is Tennessee’s official state wildflower, that it is the host plant for Gulf Fritillary butterflies, and that the wrinkly yellow fruit is delish. But I’ve just learned something new: the flowers are smart. Continue reading “Passionvine Family Planning”