Sidewalk Nature: Hummingbird weeds

lyre-leaf sage (Salvia lyrata)

Lyre-leaf sage. Isn’t it a pretty name? And a pretty flower? But this is another of those “weeds” people poison and mow and pluck out of precious lawn grass. Lyre-leaf sage is native, it spreads by seed, it can make a lovely groundcover (a good native alternative to Ajuga / Bugle), and I just this minute learned it is an excellent nectar plant for hummingbirds. Continue reading “Sidewalk Nature: Hummingbird weeds”

Wildlife-friendly Lawn Care

Redbud Carpenter bee
redbud blooms and Carpenter bee

Here’s my article from our neighborhood newsletter.
In it, I share what I’m trying at home
with my:

  • Diverse lawn
  • Shrinking lawn
  • Lazy lawn
  • Native lawn
  • Messy lawn
  • Toxin-free lawn

Continue reading “Wildlife-friendly Lawn Care”