Catalpa flowers

Catalpas are in full bloom in Nashville. These are the big trees with leaves like giant hearts; with flowers like white, ruffled bells; and pretty soon, with dangling pods like green cigars. Hearts, bells, cigars. Catalpas bring out the similes.  Continue reading “Catalpa flowers”


Dog-walk treasures (Catalpa pod)

hackberry shavings, acorns

Even a short, neighborhood dog-walk turns up fistfuls of late winter treasure: acorns to ID, a flap of birch bark, and—thanks to recent chainsaw work—as much fresh hackberry shavings as can fit in a dog poop bag. But even I know the magic of these seasonal accessories has an expiration date. Once spring really kicks in, will acorns and bark be as irresistible?

Which means I need to quickly share another limited-time-only gem: a Catalpa pod. Continue reading “Dog-walk treasures (Catalpa pod)”