What a butterfly looks like

Gulf fritillary : Brichetto
Gulf Fritillary on a black-eyed Susan

My “What a Butterfly Means” was published last week. I wrote it after watching a newly eclosed gulf fritillary butterfly on a passionvine at Warner Park Nature Center’s organic garden. Continue reading “What a butterfly looks like”


American Snout

Another favorite butterfly: the American Snout. That fabulous schnoz is supposed to mimic a leaf stalk: the better to camouflage the butterfly as dead leaf. The system doesn’t work so well on a window. Continue reading “American Snout”

Passionvine Family Planning

Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora incarnata

I post pics of my volunteer Passionvine every year. (Passiflora incarnata.) I’ve talked about the extravagant exoticism of this native flower, the Christian symbolism devised by early missionaries, the fact that it is Tennessee’s official state wildflower, that it is the host plant for Gulf Fritillary butterflies, and that the wrinkly yellow fruit is delish. But I’ve just learned something new: the flowers are smart. Continue reading “Passionvine Family Planning”