Lacewing egg

lacewing egg on passiflora.jpg
Green lacewing egg

Found this lone lacewing egg on a passionvine leaf I picked for our Gulf Fritillary caterpillars. The eggs are exquisite: teeny TicTacs on hair-like stalks, usually laid in a row with spaces between (to prevent cannibalism amongst siblings). Continue reading “Lacewing egg”


Planthopper nymph

planthopper1It looked like a tiny pebble, there on a leaf of my loofa gourd seedling. But it had the conical eyes of a gecko, and a smidge of white fluff coming out its rear. How could I not stop everything to figure out what it was? Continue reading “Planthopper nymph”

Banded Snails

[Dartmoor, Devon, England]

I didn’t mean to fall in love with snails. But a quick glance at my camera roll shows a disproportionate ratio of snail pics to family pics, or even to wildflower photos. Snails have not been on my radar till this Dartmoor visit. Then again, on a previous trip here, I fell in love with cow pies. Continue reading “Banded Snails”

Cedar Forest Road wildflowers

When you miss the caravan for the cedar glade field trip and try to find it on your own and no one at headquarters knows where the van was headed and you drive and drive where the brochure said it might be, but eventually give up and turn around.
And then,
when you start to notice what’s on the side of the road: Continue reading “Cedar Forest Road wildflowers”

Red-shouldered bugs and a fresh assassin

red shouldered bugs

I knew they weren’t box-elder bugs, but what? Hundreds and hundreds were mating and scurrying about on a (stupid) bush honeysuckle covered with (stupid) English ivy. So I type “red shoulder bug,” into BugGuide and guess what they are?
“Red-shouldered Bugs.” Continue reading “Red-shouldered bugs and a fresh assassin”